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       THE OATHSWORN is a level 10 LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE kinship on the Windfola server which places high value on helping each other with questing & crafting, plus a bit of optional RP for fun! Because we are smaller than some, our kin chat isn't too flooded to read. We respect your privacy, have no demands or drama. We have very few rules because we are here to have fun just like you are! Basically all we ask is to respect each other by avoiding the use of R-rated language, avoid insults to each other, and avoid asking personal questions about people's real lives. Our kin home is located at 8 Haven Way, the Garth-e-gorn subdivision in the Falathlorn Homesteads. The three chests contain potions, food, armour, etc. that kinsfolk leave there for other kinsfolk in need. Please only take what you need and if you have something to share, kindly put it in, thank you! Please try to greet one another when folks come on, and don't be shy to say goodbye when you leave. We are very glad you have joined us and look forward to your friendship! If you are looking for a kin to fit your style of gaming, why not give us a try?
We are a kinship which encourages the option of light RP. We don't venture into the realms of medium or heavy RP as that can frequently create drama, which is something we like to avoid. The RP story of THE OATHSWORN is that Kimiakane was raised by an elder elven couple and was married to an elven lord, Jeremiya. Lord Elrond & the White Council summoned us before them and entrusted us to gather heroic individuals of all races throughout Arda and to recruit them to swear an oath to assemble and defend the free peoples of Middle-Earth from the forces of darkness, especially those from places such as Isengard, Angmar & Mordor. We communicate with each other over vast distances with the help of a small elven gem presented to all within the kin as well as our kinship allies. The magical stone is called "Whisperwind" & we have a chat channel for that. That is the basic set-up of our RP...and remember...NO one but the Fellowship of the Ring & the White Council knows about the One Ring to rule them all!
Guild News

Halloween Contest Winners

keelly, Nov 2, 12 10:51 PM.
The votes have been calculated.  Congrats to the following winners:

                1st place - Mrrunes (10 gold) - wild beaver
                2nd place - Mordangil (5 gold) - ghost
                3rd place - Earimuel (3 gold) - ranger

Thank you to those that participated and congrats again to the winners! :)

Costume Deadline Tonight!

keelly, Oct 28, 12 1:48 PM.
As a reminder, screenshots of your costume need to be submitted by midnight CST Tonight!

If you are an Oathsworn officer, please submit your vote for your favorite costume between
Monday, October 29th through midnight CST on Wednesday, October 31st under the costume post in the Officers Only Discussion forum.  P
lease vote for non-officer costumes only.

Good luck!

The New Oathsworn Website!

bnusbaum, Oct 26, 12 8:06 AM.
Great news everyone! I have finalized initial preparations for the new website. I've purchased a domain and forum software for us to use. While it isn't online yet, if you're interested check out

It will take a little while but we will have a brand new website up and running in no time! 

I'd love any and all suggestions and comments. If you have any, please send them in game to Thonorin or to my brand new spiffy email!


October Kin Lottery

bnusbaum, Oct 23, 12 5:53 AM.
It is time again for a lottery! :) Buy in is 100 silver. Roll date is Friday October 26th at 9 pm EST at the Kinhouse. Food and drink will be served as the rolling gets underway!

To enter send 100 silver to Versus with the title lottery. One entry/roll per person please. 

1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes awarded to top 3 rolls. Prizes and money awarded will vary depending what goes in. 100% of incoming goes into prizes. Any money or items that you would like to donate to lottery send to Versus. If you enter the lottery and can't make the roll time please let me know and we will get you a roll ahead of time to be used. Prizes and winners will be posted on Kin site. If you have any questions please feel free to ask Versus, or mail questions if I am not online. 

Good luck everyone and enjoy:)

Halloween Costume Contest Reminder

keelly, Oct 21, 12 7:14 PM.

The deadline for the costume contest is fast approaching.  Have you thought of an idea yet?  To make things a bit easier, real life costumes will also be considered as well. 

Submit a screenshot of your character in costume, or a real life costume, under the Halloween Costume post in the Members Only Discussion forum.  Screenshots need to be submitted by midnight CST on Sunday, October 28th. 

Officers will then vote in a post in the Officers Only Discussion forum between Monday, October 29th through midnight CST on Wednesday, October 31st.

A few great ideas have been posted already.  Good luck! :)

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